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Welcome to a destination where you can be you. A safe space where we cast aside judgment and pretenses, step into our power, get inspired to sweat + smile, and model grace towards both ourselves and others. Because true wellness goes far beyond just your calorie burn.

Here, you’ll connect with people ready to support your complete you. Where we actively encourage you to attend all classes and we champion everyone’s progress and growth. Where we are grateful for our pasts because it has gifted us lessons, but we’re excited to focus on our future and all the goodness that we’re going to create.

We believe that you are brilliant and capable.

We are not about finding flaws to fix. We believe that humans are meant to be perfectly imperfect, and when you treat yourself like someone you love, amazing things can evolve.

Focus Forward Studio was established as a place that fosters your physical, emotional, and mental growth. Through fitness, dance, learning seminars and more, we’re here to support your forward momentum, where positive change can flourish.


Participate in both Ongoing and Limited Session classes in various fitness modalities taught by trained and certified professionals.


Classes that train in the fine art of dance.

Learning Seminars

Whether it is learning better wellness habits, gaining a new skill, or exploring a hobby, whatever helps you increase your light and reduce your stress can happen here.

Special Events

Looking for a local spot for your gathering, meeting, or workshop? Connect with us.